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Take Preps Now to Protect Your House


SHERMAN, TX -- There are some pretty important steps you need to take to protect your house from the bitterly cold temperatures.  KTEN's Chris Severy has the details.

If you haven't made it to a local home improvement store to get materials to protect things around your house like your pipes then you may be out of luck.  Most of them report a run on items like foam to wrap your pipes, those Styrofoam covers to go over your water faucets and even duct-tape.  But if you can't make it out to the stores to check for those items, don't worry, you've probably got just what you need inside your house right now.  For instance, if you have an outside faucet that's not covered, grab an old bath towel and some tape.  You wrap it around the faucet and the handle and then tape it up.  Remember, the goal here is to do anything you can to help hold some of the heat from your house around the pipe to keep it from freezing.  Inside, if you have any pipes in cabinets that are on an exterior wall, it wouldn't hurt to open up the cabinets to let the warmer air from your house circulate through there.  Of course we've all heard about letting your pipes drip.  Also, if you have a sprinkler system, make sure your turn it off.