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Salvation Army Needs Donations to Keep Homeless Warm


In Ardmore news, Meredith Saldana has more on how you can help those without a home brave the cold and safety tips on heating your own home.

The Salvation Army does have a shelter to help get those in need of shelter out of the cold.

It sleeps 30 people and they tell me even if their shelter fills up, they can open their gym, set out cots and house those in need of warm shelter there as well.

But they could use some help from the community.

The Salvation Army says they are in need of unused jackets, blankets, pillows and sheets.

They are asking that all donations be taken to their offices in Ardmore.

They're located on A Street Southwest, just south of Main Street downtown.

And if you're not in need of shelter, but planning to use a space heater to stay warm these next few days, Carter County Fire Marshall Clyde Ellis has some tips for you.

"Just make sure that you keep at least 3 feet away from any flammable or combustible materials at least 3 feet away from it.  Don't use extension cords, make sure that if you do use a space heater that you use it when you're in the room with it."

Also, if you're going to use your fire place make sure it's cleaned out and be sure to never use your stove top or oven to heat your house.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News