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Sign Confusion Concerning Highway 289


GRAYSON CO., TX - The new extension of Highway 289 has been open less than a week, but already drivers are reporting a problem. KTEN's Katy Blakey has more.

If you are heading east on Highway 82 and looking to get on 289 North - you'll find a problem. There is no sign alerting drivers to the upcoming 289 North exit - there is only a sign for the southbound exit, causing many drivers to miss the exit.

"Obviously someone has put the wrong sign on the sign post," said Commissioner Gene Short. "There should be another sign next to the south sign that reads 289 North."

Short says he has already contacted the contractor and been assured a 289 North exit sign will go up soon, alongside the southbound exit. So if you plan on taking 289 North from Whitesboro, remember you'll still need to take that first exit you come to, go up the ramp, and then cross traffic to make a left onto the northbound highway.