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Keeping Fit in 2010


DENISON, TX -- Getting in shape and losing weight is always at the top of the list when it comes to New Years' Resolutions, but some local residents say it doesn't take a resolution to get them to the gym. Deeda Payton explains what motivates them and could inspire you to put your running shoes on and sweat off 2009.

The people I spoke to are known at Nautilus in Denison as "The Regulars." For them, working out is not about resolution, but rather, a routine.

For many, a New Year means a New Years' resolution and typically that involves exercise. "Resolutions are great, sure, but you need to keep with them," said Ronny Thomas.

But any gym regular will you tell you people who make resolutions to work out more and get in shape don't usually keep their promise. "You'll notice that it's real crowded in January and February and then it just tapers off."

Carol Lester has been working out for years to stay trim, but now she has new motivation, to control her diabetes. "If I don't exercise, my sugar goes up."

Rob Wigington is training for a marathon at Walt Disney World next week. He is another gym regular who sees people loose interest in their New Years' resolutions year after year. "People try to jump in and do too much too soon instead of working their way up and I think they burn themselves out in the first week or two."

But, everyone at this gym agrees, all motivation is good motivation if it helps people get healthy. "The hard part is getting started," said Carlos Silva.

Trainers at Nautilus say if you have been inspired to set a weight loss or work out goal for yourself this year, the important thing to remember is to stick with it and make it part of your routine. Try not to think of it as a quick process, but rather as a lifestyle.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.