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Number 1 New Years Resolution


It's New Years Eve is a time of celebration and fun, but it also means making a new years resolution you probably wont keep.

Around 45% of Americans make at least one resolution and out of that percentage more than 90% give up just weeks after the start of the new year.  But those negative statistics do not stop people from making a promise around the first of the year and gyms are cashing in on the promises.

Local trainers say most people chose to work out to help them lose weight but they also continue to stay fit because it makes people feel better, gives them more energy and it helps reduce stress.

This resolution is especially popular after the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays.  Local trainers say this is when people gain the most weight, averaging around 12 pounds in the holiday months.  The weight gain caules gym memberships to double starting in mid-December and going through the first three months of the new year.

Other resolutions topping this years list spending more time with family, managing debt, saving money, getting a job, and giving up smoking.  No matter what topics are on your list, try to set a realistic goal and that will help you follow through.

Christina Lusby, Reports.