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Ardmore Teen Depends on Blood Donations


The Southern Oklahoma Blood Institute's blood supply is extremely low.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana sat down with a family who depends on that blood every month.  She has more on how important your donations are.

Hearing that blood donations have significantly dropped might not mean much to most people.

But Ronesha Roberts says, when you have a child whose life depends on monthly blood transfusions, the news can be terrifying.

"That is a scary feeling for someone to call you and say that you know we're getting low on blood.  I know your kids need transfusions."

Her son, Quentin Roberts adds, "Somebody's donating blood to me and it's a blessing."

Meet 17 year old Quentin Roberts.

He looks and acts like any other teenaged boy.

But that wouldn't be possible without blood donations from strangers.

Quentin suffers from sickle cell anemia and 6 years ago he had a stroke.

"They told us he wouldn't be able to walk or talk.  But it's people that go out and they donate, they have given us the ability, 6 years later, to be blessed to have a kid that can do all of the above," says his mother.

Quentin says, "Every 3 or 4 weeks depending on my hemoglobin levels I have to go and get a blood transfusion."

Blood donated to the Oklahoma Blood Institute stays here in our area to help people in need of blood.

OBI says the recent weather conditions have caused donations to be down, and for kids like Quentin, blood donations could mean the difference between life and death.

"That way my sickle cell blood won't keep reproducing which can cause clots and cause strokes.  And when strokes happen I lose my ability to talk and lose my ability to be able to walk and do stuff."

Ronesha adds, "When you go out and you take the time you're giving them a gift. That's one of the most precious gifts is life."

To help out Quentin or other people in similar situations you can visit your local Southern Oklahoma Blood Institute:

 Ada, 1930 Stonecipher Blvd.
Edmond, 3409 S. Broadway
 Ardmore, 1420 Veterans Blvd
Midwest City, 1113 S. Douglas
 Enid, 301 E. Cherokee
Oklahoma City, 5105 N. Portland
 Lawton, 211 S.W. "A" Ave.
Oklahoma City, 1001 N. Lincoln Blvd
 Ponca City, 518 N. 14th
Norman, 1004 24th Ave. N.W.
 Tulsa, 4601 E. 81st 
-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News