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Holiday Gift Cards


SHERMAN, TX-- While shoppers were out spending more money, they were also purchasing more gift cards, but these plastic presents may not always be the perfect gifts.
Micah Harris is standing by in the studio to explain.

For the past few years gift cards have a been a big hit. And stores across Texoma are seeing many customers come in this week looking to cash in those cards.

Mixed in with the shoppers returning gifts today at Sherman's Best Buy were plenty of people redeeming the gift cards they got for Christmas. Gift card sales have risen in recent years because of their convenience. They're easy for folks to give and to receive. But some of these cards come with fine print. Expiration dates, fees and more. We spoke to local store managers as well as shoppers about the downside of gift cards.

We checked out a couple of other popular stores in our area to see if they had any restrictions on their gift cards. Most of the big stores like Wal-Mart, Target , JCPenny's, Belk and Home Depot do not, but, that doesn't mean you won't find some that do.

To protect yourself keep these tips in mind. Always read the fine print regarding gift cards. Ask the company about their replacement policy for lost or stolen cards. Check on purchasing restrictions. And your safest bet is to use your gift card quickly and in full.

Reporting in the studio, Micah Harris, KTEN news.