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Holiday Trash Collection


SHERMAN, TX -- It's time to talk trash. The holidays seem to create a lot of it with the boxes, wrapping paper and the mess that was Christmas. Deeda Payton has what you can do with all your holiday trash this year.

Most of our cities will collect extra holiday trash and trees which is considered bulk trash once a month. All residents need to do is place their bulk trash on the curb on their scheduled pickup days.

Local sanitation departments say they expect a lot of trash the Monday after Christmas. They estimate that holiday trash makes up about 25% of what they would collect in a normal week. That's why many cities including Sherman have come up with a bulk trash or brush pickup day once a month for residents. In Sherman, it is always on a Monday. "This year we're asking all residents place their unwanted trash, extra trash and their Christmas trees out on their bulk collection trash day which was established in October of this year."

When it comes to bulk pickup, Sherman is divided into quadrants. Monday, December 28th was the collection day for the southwest quadrant. The first Monday of January will be the pick up day for southeast Sherman, then the northwest, then finally the northwest. So, if you live in the southwest part of Sherman and you didn't get your Christmas tree out to the curb, you will have to hold onto it for a month unless you want to pay $10 and drop it off yourself.

In Denison, residents can put their Christmas trees out with the normal brush and limb pickup. Once a month Denison residents get a free brush/bulk pickup or they can carry it out to the collection station.

In Durant, residents get one free hauling of bulk trash a month. 

In Ardmore, you can drop off bulk or holiday trash at the center on Carol Brown Boulevard or call them at 580-221-2534 to schedule a collection time.

Remember our local sanitation centers will be closed on New Years' Day.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.