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Blood Donations Needed, Here's Your Chance at KTEN Studios


SHERMAN, TX--In a tough economy, it's even tougher for folks to provide for their families much less give money and donations to charities. But there is one way you can help others and save a life for no cost at all---by giving blood. Michelle Gillespie reports. Most folks are busy during the holidays either Christmas shopping and planning holiday meals. But one local blood bank in Sherman wants to remind folks of just how important it is, to take the time to give blood.

While donating blood is a simple process for one person, it can mean the difference between life and death for another.

"It's difficult to understand that you, just sitting down, and visiting, and giving a pint of blood is actually going to save someone's life, probably within 48 hours," says Carol Baker, the executive director of the Texoma Regional Blood Center in Sherman.

She says most folks don't realize that when they donate their blood, they could be saving the life of a neighbor or a friend.

"The blood we draw here stays here and goes to our hospitals so when you give to Texoma Regional, the blood will go to someone in your community," says Baker.

And that's exactly why Sherman resident Nat Batey has come out every two months for the last 48 years to donate his blood.

"It's other people that have the need, I just have the blood so I'm willing to help out," says Nat Batey.

Nationwide, 95 percent of the population has never donated blood--a staggering statistic, that Baker says makes it even tougher during the holidays.

"During the holidays--December is a challenging month because everyone is busy--shopping, grocery shopping, and traveling and there becomes a problem with the blood supply," says Baker.

And because of that shortage, KTEN wanted to help out. KTEN is partnering with the Texoma Regional Blood bank to host a blood drive on Tuesday December 22nd at our studio at 10 High Point Circle in Denison.

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.