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Community Supports Sherman Teen Battling Lymphoma


SHERMAN, TX -- Day two of KTEN's 10 days of Christmas honoring those who make a difference in Texoma. Chris Severy reports.

Yesterday we told you about the Child and Family Guidance Center raising money to help out one of their volunteers as she battles cancer.  Today, we talked to Kailyn Castro about her fight and why she stills gives back during this difficult time.

There is not one single thing that makes Kailyn Castro all that much different from her friends except, of course, that she's got Hodgkin's Lymphoma and she's bald thanks to the chemo. "I just finished chemo on Monday.  Then I'll be doing radiation in Memphis for 2-months doing that.  After that, hopefully all the cancer cells will be gone and I'll be cured or cancer free or something like that."

Not once will you see K.K., as her friends call her, ever feel sorry for herself. "Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I can't help other people, because I really enjoy helping others." That's just like K.K. to do, keeping a positive attitude which just amazes her friends.

"I am just blown away by how strong she is because she is amazing.  If this happened to me I would just be a wreck.  And she's like really stayed strong and all of it, so I'm really proud of her." "You have to be positive because I don't want to be sad every day, I want to enjoy my life."

Even during her illness, Kailyn has continued to make blankets for Operation Warm Fuzzy benefiting clients of the Child and Family Guidance Center.  That's why the center wants to give back to her.

"I didn't really think people would do so much for someone who's going through a hard time, but it's amazing how much people do when they care about them and want to help them out."

Well, we care about K.K. and if you'd like to help K.K. and her family, you can drop off donations at the Child and Family Guidance Center on Pecan Grove Road in Sherman. All people who donate will be entered into a drawing to win an Operation Warm Fuzzy gift basket made by K.K. herself.

We'd also like to pass along our Happy Birthday wishes. Kailyn turns 18-years old on Thursday.

Chris Severy, KTEN News.