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An Ardmore Family Goes All Out with Christmas Lights


Christmas lights, it's a tradition for many families and for some it's a pretty big to do! Meredith Saldana found an especially festive house in Ardmore, here's their story.

"I just love Christmas lights," says Laurel Monroe of Ardmore.

And you can tell just by looking at her home.

She and her husband decorate from top to bottom every year.

"From start to finish it'll take us about a week because we just add to it and add to it.  We can get most of it done in a couple of days, but it takes us about a week to get the final product."

Monroe says they've been going all out for the last 15 years.

But have decorated this house on Surrey Drive, just off of Myall, for 7 years.

And she says neighbors are just as excited.

"Oh yeah.  Especially when we're putting them up they'll drive by and 'looks good, looks good'. They're glad to see them going up you can tell."

But all this work isn't just for those driving by.

They have kids in college and Monroe says they come home and expect the house to be all a glow!

It's a large part of their Christmas holiday.

And while Monroe wasn't sure exactly how many lights they put up, she guesses it's a few thousand!

Enough to make a difference on their electric bill!

"Oh yeah, you can see it jump a little!"

But that little jump, and all the hard work, helps make their Christmas extra special.

"It's well worth it. It's well worth it!"

If you'd like to see their house, for yourself, it's on the corner of Myall and Surrey Drive in Ardmore.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News