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Denison Yellow Jacket Season Over, Town Rallies Behind Team


Final Score: Denison -- 28, Aledo -- 40. DENISON, TX---The big game was the talk of the town all week! Yellow Jacket signs could be seen everywhere---in the windows of downtown businesses and cars--all in anticipation of today. Michelle Gillespie caught up with the Denison cheerleaders this morning right before they left town. They practiced their cheering right up until they had to board the bus and get on the road. Many of them said they were nervous but mostly excited and very proud of their team. 
"I'm really proud of them," says one drill team member. 

"We're really proud," says another.

"We're excited, I'm glad to say this is my senior year and that we've gone this far," says senior Christian Davis.

Moms of drill team members and cheerleaders stocked up on snacks for the road trip to Denton, saying it was crucial for the girls to keep their energy up, all day long. 

Many folks who came out today to see the football team and the cheerleaders off, say they've had a lot of fun this season, rallying behind their home team.

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.