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Local Pastor Staying Warm, Camped Outside For Charity


VAN ALSTYNE, TX---The weather tonight is expected to be one of the coldest nights of the year. You may remember, we told you last week about a local pastor in Van Alstyne who is fasting, not eating a thing, for 25 days, for a good cause. He's hoping to raise donations, things like toys, clothes, and food, for local families in need. Not only that, he's actually camped out, outside, in the cold for 25 days! Michelle Gillespie reports.

Pastor Jason Norton of King's Trail Cowboy Church in Van Alstyne has been camped out here at the intersection of Highway 5 and FM 121 for the past nine days with at least 15 more days to go.

Of course all of the donations will be dispersed to local families in need throughout Van Alstyne and the surrounding areas.

Pastor Norton will be out here until December 26th.

If you want to donate, just stop by, the intersection of FM 121 and Highway 5 in Van Alstyne. But as for the cold weather, and keeping you safe, here's a few tips.

Layer up--wool or silk fabrics keep you warmer than cotton. Stay dry to prevent body heat loss especially for those kids at the bus stop in the morning---lots of loose layers and don't forget the hat and gloves!

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.