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Love County to Vote on Enhanced 9-1-1 Proposal


Tuesday is a big day for Love County. The much anticipated Enhanced 9-1-1 system will be on the ballot and the decision will be up to the people of Love County. 

The Director of Emergency Management for Love County, Tracey Smithwick, says this is a very important election and an upgrade they've needed for years.

"It's very important. One of the big questions I'd ask and keep asking until the election's over with, "is your life worth two dollars and forty cents"?

Just how much do they need this system?

Less than an hour before our story aired, Love County received a call from someone needing help.

But the caller said their street didn't have a name.

And, when asked how many streets down they were from a certain location, the caller said he didn't know.

With Enhanced 9-1-1, the system would notify dispatch of the callers location cutting down on response time.

Residents told us their main concern is how the county plans to pay for such a large upgrade.

Smithwick says, if approved, land lines will have a monthly fee of $2.40 cell phones will be charged $.50 a month.

That election for the upgrade will be held Tuesday and polls will be open from 7 am- 7 PM.