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Van Alstyne Pastor Fasts for 25 Days To Help Local Families


VAN ALSTYNE, TX---A local pastor is forgoing food for a good cause this holiday season. Michelle Gillespie reports that he's making the sacrifice so that others who are less fortunate can have food and christmas gifts and now he's asking for your help. 

Pastor Jason Norton says he feels it's his responsibility to set a good example for folks in the local community and that's why he's set up a tent near a semi truck trailer bed that he hopes will soon be piled high with toys, clothing and food. 
Norton is the pastor at the King's Trail Cowboy Church in Van Alstyne. He's camped out though at the intersection of Highway 121 and Highway 5 right near the center of town. He hopes that as word gets out of his mission, the pile of toys and food in the trailer will continue to grow.    

Pastor Norton says he plans to spend all day and night camped out at the intersection---every day until December 26th. He says he'll only drink fluids, no food whatsoever but he hopes his sacrifice will inspire others in the community to come out, lend a hand, and feed a mouth.

All the food and toys donated will go to local families in need across North Texas and pastor Norton is asking for your help. You can donate non-perishable food, toys and clothes to his drop off in Van Alstyne. 

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.