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Students Go to Movies and Learn Lesson


SHERMAN, TX -- An entire local high school went to the movies Wednesday morning.  The students weren't playing hooky.  Their principal took them.  It was both an early Christmas present and a way to teach them a lesson.  KTEN's Chris Severy explains.

It was a cold, snowy, rainy morning when students from Bells High School pulled up at the Cinemark theater in Sherman.  Many were thankful for the time away from school.  Others were not quite sure what type of lesson they might learn.  Bells 9th grader Elaney Sanford said, "um, I guess be kind to people that you normally wouldn't."  Added classmate Trent Walker, "to learn a life lesson, you know, taking people in and helping people.  You never know when the next one might be a football star or something."  As students filed out of the theater, those same two students we talked to before the movie were much more clear about the point of this field trip.  Elaney said, "I think everybody should be grateful for what they have and that you should always be kind to people and your family."  And Trent said, "we learned a lesson about caring and how we should treat others and how we want to be treated."  And that's exactly what Bells High School Principal Will Steger was hoping to hear.  He said, "the movie turned out to be just as great as what I thought it would be.  it had a lot of great life lessons and I hope the kids took it to heart and did learn something from it."