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More People in Need of a Holiday Meal


Last week the Bob Scaggs Food Drive collected enough food to fill 1 1/2 30-foot U-Hauls with donations.  Now, the Salvation Army is using the donations to feed Texoma over the holidays. 

Some of the donations have already been used at the Salvation Army's Thanksgiving dinner.

Tammie Grigsby who works with the Salvation Army in Sherman says, "This year's Thanksgiving dinner was extremely successful.  We did see a lot of people come in for the first time.  This year our numbers for our sit down dinner were greater than they've ever been and most who came have never come on Thanksgiving before."  This year, they feed over 300 people.

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, they are preparing for the Christmas holidays but putting together 800 food bags for those in need this December.  The Salvation Army says they will use all the leftover donations to feed families throughout the year.  They typically serve 25 families a day at their Sherman location.

Christina Lusby, Reports.