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Day 2 Of the H1N1 Clinic in Denison


DENISON, TX -- The Grayson County H1N1 clinic for target groups opens up at five o'clock Tuesday for its second day of vaccinations. Deeda Payton will have a full report on KTEN News at 6.

Health officials have eagerly been awaiting for the vaccination to arrive in the area. Now, that it has, the turnout has been steady. 

Yesterday, officials gave out a little more than half of the shipment they received. Today, they have about 280 doses at each location. They pulled some doses from their stock.

The Grayson County Health Department's H1N1 clinic is from five to eight o'clock in both Sherman and Denison.

Eligible groups include: pregnant women, certain health care providers, children 6-months to four years old and those five to 18 years old with underlying health conditions.

 Deeda Payton, KTEN News