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How to Shop for a $20 Turkey Dinner


DENISON, TX -- Grocery shopping for a traditional turkey dinner can get expensive, especially if you plan on feeding a big family. But, as Deeda Payton found out today, an affordable Thanksgiving feast is possible. She shows us how you can feed eight people for under $20.

Thanksgiving is all about the food which means the days leading up to turkey Thursday are all about the grocery shopping. "I'm shopping for food." and, trying to feed a large family can get expensive.

But, there are ways to save you can buy off-brands like these dinner rolls for 75-cents. "I do. I think it's fine. I think it's just as good as the other." And, there is always coupon clipping, you just have to look for the deals like Walmart's meal for eight under 20-dollars. "They honor the price from the other stores and it sure helps."

So, we took the Walmart challenge. We started with a bunch of sweet potatoes for 25-cents a pound. Then we grabbed a few cans of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce for 88-cents a can. A few more cans of Green Giant vegetables for 50-cents a can and then, a twin pack of Stovetop turkey stuffing for one-dollar fifty-cents.

I was worried about the cost of a turkey to feed eight people, but shoppers had faith. "Well I think you can do it if you buy off brad items and the turkeys are reasonable I think."

She was right. We found a 15 pound turkey for 60-cents a pound. Then we headed over to the bakery for pie which cost $4.50.

Finally, the moment of truth. We laid our items on conveyor belt to be scanned and added up and our feast rang up to $19.89.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.