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Heating Safety Tips


You've probably turned on the heater or lit the fireplace at one point this week.  But if you didn't follow some important safety tips, you and your family could be in danger.  KTEN's Chris Severy reports.

Hiring a chimney sweep to clean out your fireplace is a good idea.  Soot and creosote build-up inside the chimney can catch fire.  Sabrina Osmon with Chimney Sweeps of Texomaland says, "once it catches on fire it's gonna go all the way up and you're gonna have fire shootin' out the top of your chimney, you're gonna have fireballs and if your attic is exposed or your chimney is exposed in the attic, it's gonna go all the way through that crawl space and you're gonna end up losing your home."  If you use propane, remember to keep any sources of heat or flames away from the tank.  It's also important not to run out of propane because depressurization of the system can create leaks.  And if you have an electric furnace, make sure there isn't any soot or dirt build-up on the heating element.  And vacuum or wipe off any dust that has accumulated on the unit since you last cleaned it.