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Propane Prices Likely to Rise


SHERMAN, TX -- If you use propane, prices could be going up.  In fact, in just the last month, the average price for a gallon of propane has jumped by 15-to-25 cents.  KTEN's Chris Severy reports.

Like any fuel, the price of propane is driven by supply and demand, weather conditions in different parts of the country and other complex factors too numerous to mention here.  Right now across Texoma expect to pay anywhere from 175 to 200 bucks per 100 gallons of propane.  Most people who use propane to heat their houses will have anywhere from a 150 to 1,000 gallon tank.  So the cost to fill up in advance of colder weather will obviously vary from one house to the next.  But generally, the price of propane does not tend to fluctuate as much as the price of gasoline.  Sean Caney, Propane Operations Manager for Douglass Distributing, says, "most of the propane suppliers in the area do have large storage tanks where they can cushion more of the spikes that you're normally gonna see with your gasoline companies."  If you do want to fill up your tank at the best price now is probably the time you want to do it.  As colder weather hits other parts of the country the price is likely to continue to rise.