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Despite the Economy the Town of Anna Opens a New Post Office


Good news this morning coming from the City of Anna, it opened up a newer larger post office for their community. 

The new store about a week ago and they say despite the economic decline across the country, their city is growing and expanding their business.  Today, many gathered this morning in front of the new building for a ribbon cutting. 

A week into business and they say "so far so good".  That is why the Federal Post Office, amidst its bad year, decided to invest in the Town of Anna.  

In 2009 alone, the Federal Post Office has lost a net of 3.8 billion dollars, reduced their workforce by 40,000 jobs, and even discussed reducing mail delivery service from 6 days to just 5.  E-mail continues to cut into post office profits and even with a two-cent increase to stamp prices in May, the postal service has still lost billions of dollars.  But the Federal Postal Service isn't giving up, instead it's looking at towns, like Anna, that are starting to grow and that is where they are beginning to invest in new business. 

Christina Lusby, Reports.