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H1N1 Vaccine Goes to Private Providers in Grayson County


SHERMAN, TX---More of the H1N1 vaccine is now available in Grayson County at a local urgent care facility in Sherman. Michelle Gillespie reports that the local health department has not received a shipment of the vaccine in weeks.

It may sound like a surprising number to many Grayson County residents but, to date, almost 10,000 doses have been shipped to providers in the county. The reason people are having a tough time finding it--because 8,000 of those doses are actually going to private providers and hospitals who aren't necessarily advertising that they have it.

At One Medical Inc. in Sherman, phones have been ringing off the hook now that the urgent care facility has received a shipment of the H1N1 vaccine.

"We're steadily, this morning, giving injections to people coming in with a note from their doctor," says Donna Gage of One Medical. She says that once word got out, people started calling and coming in to get the vaccine but while they're busy vaccinating patients, the county health department is still high and dry with no new shipments the past few weeks.

"I have no idea why we've gotten them, and others have not. No idea," says Gage.

For Grayson County residents, finding a place to get the vaccine has been like looking for a needle in a haystack, but the state health department says Grayson County has actually received shipments with thousands of doses. 

"The providers in Grayson County, and any county for that matter, are reaching out to their high-risk patients at this point in time. They're not necessarily advertising that they have the doses," says Carrie Williams of the Texas Department of Health. She says the state is allocating the doses each week based on the number of high-risk patients in counties throughout the state, and within those counties, they're focusing the vaccine on providers that see the highest number of high-risk patients. So in Grayson County, that means the majority of the vaccine is going to private practices, hospitals and urgent care facilities like One Medical Inc. And now that word is getting out, patients like Charlotte Abrams are relieved to finally find a place to get the vaccine.

"It's helpful when you know ahead of time where it's going to be, instead of where it's been," says Abrams.

The state health department said today, they do plan to send a new shipment of the vaccine to the Grayson County Health Department within the next two to three days.

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.