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Tips for Home Energy Efficiency


Break out the winter coats and heaters.  Old man winter made his presence known overnight.   But keeping your home warm can come at a hefty price, especially if it's not insulated properly.  KTEN's Chris Severy reports. 

Lowe's is just one of literally dozens of places around Texoma where people can go to get what they need to keep their home heating bill from sky-rocketing this winter season.  Our mission Monday; with a budget of $100, find the right products to make your house more energy efficient.  Lowe's Home Improvement representative Karen McCoul shares some of the best ways, "We have backer rods, you can put those behind the gaps in your windows.  You add that and it keeps the cold air out and then you add caulking.  We have the shrink wrap on your windows.  You can see through it.  It's similar to handiwrap, put it on your windows, heat it up and dry it and it insulates any drafts coming in from your window.  We have faucet cover, which keeps your outdoor faucets from freezing.  We have heater rods too.  We have 2 different kinds of foam to fill gaps where air is coming in.  And then there are two kinds of foam pads for your switches and outlet covers.  People don't realize how much air gets in through those areas.  So, put these in and it will help keep your house nice and toasty warm."  For the average size 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, you can get all of the products she just mentioned for between $75-100.  These products are also available at places like Home Depot, Walmart, or your local hardware store like Main Street Lumber in Denison or McCoy's Building Supply in Ardmore.