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H1N1 Vaccine Available in Sherman


SHERMAN, TX -- More H1N1 vaccines now available in Grayson County. The county health departments were the only ones to have the vaccine, until now. One Medical in Sherman just received a new shipment from the state.

One Medical has about 120 doses of the H1N1 vaccine left. They are closed on Sunday, but they say come Monday morning they expect a big crowd. This is actually the second shipment of the vaccine that the urgent care center has received. Their first shipment came more than a week ago. They received 110 doses of the injectable form of the vaccine, and within 48 hours they had administered every dose. "The first shipment we got they came in very many at a time, this shipments been a little bit slower, I think they haven't learned that we have it, but one the news gets out, Monday and Tuesday will be very busy for us."

If you are interested in getting the H1N1 vaccine and you are in a high risk group, which includes children between the ages of 6 months to 24 years old or adults with underlying medical conditions, you can visit One Medical at 913 Cottonwood Drive in Sherman. They are open Monday through Friday from eight to six p.m.

The medical center says they do expect a third shipment of the vaccine in the next week.