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U.S. Sen, Tom Coburn Speaks To Ardmore Residents


ARDMORE, OK - U.S. Senator Tom Coburn is hosting a series of town hall meetings in Oklahoma.

He spent Friday morning in Ardmore talking about everything from healthcare and social security to veterans bills.

Coburns stance on veterans affairs has recently fallen under scrutiny after he suggested a possible cut on veteran and senior benefits. The republican senator says he referenced cuts to programs consuming money that could potentially be used for veterans and seniors - not existing programs.

"If you're going to add benefits you have to cut other programs that pay for them rather than charge them to our grand kids so we have a bill for increased benefits for veterans who are physically disabled before we spend that $3.7 billion," said U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn. "We ought to find out what we're going to get rid of that's not as important as veterans."

Coburn is against the current health reform plan. He says it adds to a growing deficit. It will cost $272 billion while only bringing $120 million.