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Locals Pay Respects at Local Cemetery for Veterans Day


SHERMAN, TX --  family members and strangers alike visited our local cemeteries today to pay their respects to our  heroes. Deeda Payton has the story.

Some of the people I spoke with today make it a tradition to put fresh flowers and flags on their loved ones grave sites on Veterans Day. Others come out to say thank you to those they never met, but will forever praise and respect.

It's a holiday dedicated those who fought and those who died for our country. Our fathers, our sons, our friends who stood up for us and secured our freedom. "It's veterans day and my dad was very proud to serve his country and he always taught his girls to love our country."

E.W. Copley of Sherman served in World War II. His daughter says she comes to his grave site every Veterans Day to bring him a new flag and fresh flowers. "I'm proud of him."

But, not all of these people paying their respects are family members. Some come to give thanks to those they never met. "When you read what's on the tombstones, it just humbles you knowing that they gave everything they could to help you be free." But, will forever remember and honor for their heroic service.

"It just touches my heart to feel for these men who died for our country, they need to be praised." Praise for all the veterans buried at this single cemetery in Sherman and countless others around the country.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.