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Honors Students Visit KTEN


Working hard in school can pay off and one group of Tushka High Schooler's were able to take time off school for an educational field trip.

The students in attendance make up the National Honor Society, Whose Who in Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma National Spelling Bee.  They came to KTEN to find out how a news cast is made and what happens behind the scenes.

The students took tours of all areas of the station learning about creating graphics, control room activities, live truck operations and the day-to-day on-goings on the set.

This group of honor students take on challenging projects, building solar powered cars, designing rockets, airplanes and more.  They also dabble in wall street, buying and selling stocks, learning valuable life lessons of earning and losing investments.  As a reward for their hard work throughout the year, the group takes three educational field trips each year which this year included a trip to our studio.

Christina Lusby, Reports.