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Local Pecan Groves Begin Harvest Despite Rainy Fall Weather


MARSHALL CO., OK---For the Landgraf family, pecans are a labor of love. "They've been in my family since the beginning," says Scott Landgraf. Michelle Gillespie reports.

The beginning dates back to 1940 when Scott's late father bought this land in the heart of Marshall County.

Now Scott is walking in his late father's shoes as the owner of a 175-acre spread of land and a growing pecan business. Today, Landgraf Pecans' ships their product to countries all across the world, including Germany, Europe, Japan, Canada and all across the United States.

But this year, mother nature is presenting a threat to Scott's pecan crop. Scott began harvesting last week but has had to stop recently because of the heavy rains. He says the real problem isn't the rain. He says a combination of rain and high winds could be a major threat to his crop this year because the winds knock the pecans to the ground where they can sit in wet soil for days causing them to spoil.

He says if that were to happen he and his team of pecan harvesters could go in and attempt to harvest several thousand pounds of pecans in one day to avoid losing very much of their product.

Those are extreme measures that Scott hopes he will not have to resort to this fall. He says in the meantime, he and his crew with clean and prepare the nuts they have already harvested, for the upcoming holiday season.

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.