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Bryan County Vaccinates High Risk Groups for H1N1


DURANT, OK -- The Bryan County Health Department is holding it's first public H1N1 inoculation today for high risk groups. And, as Deeda Payton reports, earlier its nurses were out vaccinating the local schools for the virus.

Health officials say they started the day at eight o'clock with nearly 700 doses of the H1N1 vaccine, but by five o'clock they had only 75 doses left.

In Bryan County, hundreds of kids are now vaccinated for the H1N1 virus. The health department says it received about 600 doses Tuesday from the state including both the flu mist and injectable, and still had some doses left over from past shipments. "We started at 8 o'clock this morning here at the clinic and at some of the school sites and we've probably exhausted all of our inventory and we started out with 690 doses total."

They are targeting school-aged children, children six months to 18 years with chronic illness, pregnant women and healthcare workers who treat the chronically ill. "Nathan has Type-1 Diabetes so any kind of illness causes complication because of the diabetes so I spoke to his specialist and they definitely though that he should have the vaccine."

11-year-old Nathan Hodson says he is glad he got vaccinated."Cause I had the flu one time and it didn't feel very good. I didn't like getting the flu."

But, adults, even those with an underlying medical condition are not eligible for this round of H1N1 vaccines. "We've had to tell them they're not part of our target population today, but we hope to get them covered as soon as we can get the vaccine."

Health officials say they expect a new shipment of vaccines every week, although, they won't know how much they are getting until it arrives.

Nurses from the health department vaccinated students at Washington-Irving Elementary and Northwest Heights. They were set to vaccinate Robert E. Lee, but they say they did not have a high enough response from parents wanting their kids vaccinated.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.