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Grayson County Prepares for H1N1 Without Vaccine


GRAYSON CO., TX---Thousands of Oklahomans in Carter, Bryan, and Marshall County have already received their H1N1 vaccine, but it's in short suppply in North Texas. The Grayson County Health department says it's been a wait and see game as to how much and when they'll recieve more of the H1N1 vaccine and it has some North Texans turning to local pharmacies for answers. 
"Now we're just waiting on an email from the state," says Jana Bennett, a pharmacist at the Medicine Shoppe in Sherman.

Both Texas and Oklahoma recieve shipments of the vaccine every week but how it's allocated is up to the state and based on what counties have the highest number of high risk patients.

"They will be shipping through the end of January which makes you wonder: do you still need to get vaccinated? But flu season runs through May, so you should probably get it," says Bennett.

And the lack of H1N1 vaccine is causing concern for many North Texans.

"Tons of calls--even for seasonal flu and H1N1. We get so many calls every day. We get a list of people waiting for H1N1 and for us to call once it gets in," says Bennett.

So with the lack of the vaccine, if North Texans do get the H1N1 flu, their treatment options are limited. 

"Before this week, we were doing 30 prescriptions a day which is unbelievable, compared to the normal season. You might do that every season and we're doing that everyday," says Bennett. "As more vaccine is available, surely that will help lessen need for Tamiflu."

There is no longer a shortage of Tamiflu so it is being used to treat patients with both the seasonal flu and H1N1 virus. 

As for the vaccine, the Grayson County Health Department says they'll just have to wait and see although they're hoping for a new shipment early next week.

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.