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Complications from H1N1 virus


CARTER COUNTY, OK -- Health officials are trying to get the messge out of what to do if complications of the seasonal flu or H1N1 virus occur.

They have confirmed that a nine year old Carter county child died and a pregnant woman is in critical condition in the hospital because of complications.

They say those with underlying conditions such as respiratory illness or asthma should be proactive in preventative measures.

Particularily they say pregnant women should be cautious because they have a reduced lung capacity.

They say if the flu does occur the one thing to watch out for is if a fevor returns.

"The bigges thing to remember if someone is recovering from the flu and they seem to be doing really well and then boom they have a high fevor of 104. That's something that warrants checking out. Going to the doctor seeing if it is a bacertial infection that could cause further complications," Mendy Spohn of the Carter county health department said.

They also say vaccinating your child is also warranted because often their immune systems are weaker than adults.

Meanwhile, the Carter county health department is offering the flu mist vaccine to the Ardmore Middle School for those children whose parents approved the vaccine.


Ashley Conroy, KTEN.