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Women Becoming Boss


In a tough economy where unemployment is reaching upwards of 10% some are taking the opportunity to take a business risk and start their own company.  Now, more woman are stepping out from the role of mom and starting a career.  

Two Durant women, who are no strangers to balancing work and family have stepped out in this tough economy and taken a risk by starting their own businesses. 

Starting a business is a leap of faith and something that takes heart.  Barbara Rackley, the coordinator for REI which helps women start their own business says, "Women are very passionate about their businesses.  That is one thing we have noticed.  They come up with an idea and you can tell they will be able to go on and be successful because they have a passion you don't always see in a successful business owner."

Now, two Durant women can say they have turned their ideas into a success, but the road wasn't easy.  It takes education, time and money to create a successful small business.   Alvina Ralls, who now owns three stores says starting out is "very hard and very scary.  You have to invest a lot of money," and Laura Clark, who also started her own small business with the help of REI says, "I would sit down for 6 to 8 hours writing, drawing pictures and deciding what I wanted to do."

Both woman had previous jobs and were no strangers to balancing a family and a career.  But being employed and being the boss were very different roles.  Despite the odds and their limited knowledge about the financial side of business, they each created successful businesses. 

"I knew nothing about business, what to do or where to begin", said Clark and Ralls added, "I needed to learn how to do ok state tax, file sales reports, and logos.  I needed to learn how to make a logo and design a website too."

Both took their ideas to Rural Enterprises in Durant where they both formulated a business plan.  Now both woman have thriving businesses.  Laura owns a tutoring center and Alvina has since opened three stores featuring art and bead creations. 

All it took was an idea, a little education and a leap of faith.

Rural Enterprises is located in Durant.  Their main focus is helping woman create a profitable business by providing them with the tools they need to become a success.  Their services are free.

Christina Lusby, KTEN News.