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Vandalism to Ardmore park creates problems


ARDMORE, OK -- Vandalism to the Regional Park in Ardmore caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

It's a large park that attracts lots of people and brings money in to the city. Park officials discovered dozens of light poles damages with the wiring cut off, and the main circuit breaker wires cut.

As a result, multiple softball games had to get cancelled because the lights wouldn't turn on. Now, maintenance have been working longer hours to get the lights repaired and power back on.

"It means extra work for us cause we gotta take time out of our schedule to get it all fixed," said Regional Park maintenance crew worker Clifford Ramon.

Meanwhile, a few softball players were not happy that someone damaged the property.

"I wish the people that did it would come out and own up to it and say he we did it and come out and either help to fix what was damaged or do some community service, get back in good with the people," said softball player, Andrew Williamson.

As it stands, park officials estimate hundreds of wires were cut, and only 3 of the 8 softball fields are functional.

Park and Recreation Director, Kevin Boatwright says they're working to get as many lights repaired soon, so more games don't have to get cancelled.

"We're trying to get some temporary service set up, so that we can try to not cancel all of our leagues. But we don't know how extensive it's going to be by the time it's all said and done when we'll be able to open everything back up to finish all the fall leagues," Boatwright said.

Park crews have contacted police and ask that anyone with information to contact the Ardmore Police Department.


Ashley Conroy, KTEN.