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Pumpkin Patch Up At Grayson County Farmer's Market


GRAYSON CO., TX -- A local farmer's market has set up a pumpkin patch. That's where Jhen Kordela went Saturday and has more on this story.

A new pumpkin patch has sprouted in Grayson County. And, kids are taking their pick.

"I was gonna probably carve it, make a scary face and all that," says Lanon Jeffries, who was there with his mom.

It has a place to carve and plenty of photo opportunities. But, there's more to this pumpkin patch than hay and gourds.

"I was born here in Sherman, and i farm out east of town on highway 56 -- been here all my life," says Foster Fogarty, who helped organize the farmer's market.

Fogarty can assure the pumpkins are locally grown, along with everything else sold on site.

"They are very fresh," says Maggie Blauche, a local grower. "I picked my vegetables this morning, and they're on the table today."

A couple of months ago, some local growers came together to form a farmer's market in Grayson County. There's live herbs, fresh eggs and pumpkins in from Collinsville, special for the month of October.

"Me and my mom are selling our honey that our bees have made," says Jacob Mathes, who comes to the market often to help his parents.

Mathes and his family moved to Texoma from the Dallas area.

"My dad, he really wanted to grow bees when he didn't have them," says Mathes. "He lived in the city before we moved down here. He was just a man with the city, and he wanted to move down here. And, the first animals he ever tried was bees."

He and his sister like it better in Texoma because of the land they now own. All that extra land provides for the freshest food you can get.

"You get better food, you help us out," says Fogarty. "We don't use pesticides or herbicides. Most of our growers are organic growers. If they're not, you will know it."

You can pick up food or pumpkins -- and maybe get a few family photos out of the way -- on Fridays and Saturdays, off of State Highway 56 in Sherman.

Organizers with the farmer's market in Grayson County are also planning on having Chrstmas trees this winter.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.