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Howe Fall Festival Raises Money For Schools


Howe, TX-- While some districts are seeking money for major improvements through bond elections, other schools are raising some extra cash by having a little fun.

Whether you're there to show support or just to buy some silly string, the event is meant to raise funds for field trips at howe schools. "This is huge -- it's a huge school and community event because all of the grade levels participate -- a bunch of the the sports teams, our student council from the high school and middle school participate, and they raise money for each grade level and each activity group to be able and do fun things throughout the year and do field trips and everything like that." "yeah, field trips are nice because it's a nice way to get out of school once a year, so."

Two thumbs up to that. Each elementary grade had a booth. Even the football players came out all dressed up and ready to go. "Raising money for prom. We're supposed to get tickets in our buckets, and I just hope I win the fall festival queen this year."

This event has been going on for nearly 10 years.