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National Night Out Aims To Prevent Local Crime


Sherman, TX -- We've all seen the neighborhood crime watch signs, but does the program work? Local residents say yes. Tuesday night, Sherman sponsored their 15th annual "National Night Out" event where they get to know the neighborhood watch groups in hopes of joining forces to stamp out crime. Deeda Payton attended one of the block parties.     

Local police say it is important to know your neighbor because often times it's your neighbor that reports criminal activity at your home which can save your property and even your life.

Residents on West Shields Drive in Sherman are more than just neighbors, they are friends and each other's watchdogs. "This neighborhood really get together and watches out for one another and it sends a good message, that we do watch out for each other."

West Shields Drive is part of a neighborhood crime watch program and has been for more than five years. "It's kinda a quiet street that's why when something is suspicious, it sticks out like a sore thumb."

The Sherman Police Department encourages these groups for resident's own protection. "It's not uncommon for a neighbor to call and something suspicious is going on next door, there's a strange car parked in my neighbor's yard and their out of town."

Tuesday night, the neighborhood held a block party for "National Night Out,"an annual campaign that promotes police-community partnerships to prevent local crime. "We really need to get know each other and watch out for each other. We've got a lot of us getting elderly on this block and we need to know what's going on with each other."

Neighbors got to know one another and local officers over a pot luck dinner. "Police and firemen love to come here they love the food we serve on shields, they're quite fond of that and we're glad to have them."

Kids like the food too. "Are you just here for the food? "Yea." But, food isn't the only thing that brings this neighborhood together, it's a common goal. They want to make their home a safer place.

For information on how your neighborhood can become a crime watch neighborhood, call your local law enforcement.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.