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Volunteers from Howe Fire Department walk out


HOWE, TX -- Several volunteer firefighters left the Howe fire department over the past several days including the former Fire Chief, Ron Crow and the Captain Terry Rogers.

The department is said to have had about 17 fire fighters prior to the resignation. As of now, the current number is not thoroughly clear, but the Mayor, Jeff Stanley believes there are  10 that still remain on staff.

Mayor Stanley says the city is making contingency plans to protect the citizens of Howe.

"We have put contingencies with the counties to help support the city in case we do have some problems," Stanley said.

And the new Fire Chief, Mary Jones doesn't anticipate any problems with the staff they currently have.

"We have a very good group of fire fighters left and I don't think we'll have any problems," Jones said.

Meanwhile, the former Captain, Terry Rogers spoke out today about why he decided to leave the department.

"It's a decision I didn't make lightly. I've been there for six years, served as captain for two. I've been really proud of being a member of the fire department - I just can't do it right now," Rogers said.

Rogers also says his decision to leave was based on a continuation of disagreements with the way the fire department was being operated claiming that incorporation of the Howe fire department rules were being misrepresented.

However, the Mayor says he's confident the Jones will do a good job as the new fire chief.

"The new chief, Mary Jones has been helping out and getting the fire fighters together, the ones that are still here, that are left. There's has been some that have quit, but not as many as what has been said," Stanley said.