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Pharmacy Creates Tamiflu in House


We're keeping you up to date with the lastest flu information.  There's a Tamiflu shortage and now with the H1N1 in full swing the kids' version of the antiviral drug seems to be running out.

The Medicine Shoppe in Sherman confirmed the shortage and is one of the few pharmacies in town creating a pediatric dose in house.  They say it isn't uncommon to run out of Tamiflu, it's something that happens every year.  But this year with the flu frenzy the Medicine Shoppe in Sherman says they have not received a single dose.  "The liquid has been unavailable to us all season.  We haven't gotten any in the store at all this year", says local Pharmacist Jana Bennett. 

To keep up with the demand, the local pharmacy is creating a pediatric dose with its in-house materials.  Bennett says, "Right now we can get plenty of the capsules so what we are doing is opening up the capsules, breaking them down to a lower dose and mixing them with the syrup.  That way the kids can get the dose they need in a liquid form, that they'll take." 

The lack of doses has caused concern, especially with the amount of prescriptions flooding through the door.  "We are already seeing tons of prescriptions.  About 15 to 20 a day, which normally we would see in a season.  But this year, we are seeing these numbers everyday."

The Sherman Medicine Shoppe is one of the few local pharmacy's in our area that have the ability to compound Tamiflu pills into the liquid form in their in house lab.  Now, other pharmacies are sending them their business.  "A lot of them are sending customers here because they don't have all the tools or have not gotten the cherry syrup to do it." 

So will you and your child get the dose you both need this season?  The answer for now is yes. "This season is especially crazy.  Hopefully, manufacturers will keep up and we won't have any trouble", says Bennett. 

If you are worried about this year's flu season you can log onto  They have all the information you need surrounding all types of the flu including influenza A, B and H1N1.  The site will help to dispel any rumors and provide you with all the facts.

Christina Lusby, Reports.