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Large Turnout at Durant Drive-Thru Flu Clinic


DURANT, OK---The Bryan County Health department in Durant held their annual drive-thru flu clinic on Thursday and the scene was a little chaotic, as folks lined up to get their shot. Michelle Gillespie reports. 
     Despite the rainy weather, Bryan County residents proved they were willing to wait in line, some almost an hour--anything to prepare for this hectic flu season.

"I always take vitamins, I've never had the flu," says 19-year old SOSU student, Whitney Speight.

But she's also never had the flu shot until today.

"My mom was worried because she's never been worried in her life about getting the flu shot and she was really really pushing me to come out and get, it so we did," says Speight. 

And for moral support she brought fellow SOSU student, Stormie Milne.

"A bunch of my friends have been sick, I know it's kinda going around in dorms, so made me nervous and that's why I decided to get the shot," says Milne. 

And they weren't alone--nervousness about the flu going around and H1N1 fears kept Durant residents lining up and driving thru. By one o'clock today, nurses from the Bryan County Health Department had vaccinated more than 1,700 people. 

"I really am concerned because we keep hearing about school closings," says Madill resident, Bonnie Holdeman. 

Holdeman drove all the way from Madill just to be able to drive through on her lunch break and get a free shot.

"It's a lot faster and our bank supports us to get shots," says Holdeman.

     The clinic ran from 9 am to 4 pm this afternoon and Bryan County Health officials say they don't plan on doing another free drive-thru flu clinic next year because of rising healthcare costs but they are looking into other more affordable alternatives.

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.