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Collinsville school district closes down


COLLINSVILLE, TX -- The Collinsville school district decided to shut it door for Thursday and Friday after nearly 120 were out sick.

The superindentdent of the school district, Tim Wright says he met with administration on Wednesday to make the final decision.

Cleaning crews spent the day going to every classroom disinfecting everything from desks, chairs, papers, and anything that students and teachers could touch.

"If our children are going to be to it we want wiped down. We have lysol, clorox, bleach, anything we can wipe down door knobs, handles, desks, books," Wright said.

And tomorrow they're starting on the buses. "We're using a special virus bomb, so we can bomb those buses and everything out of there to clear those viruses out," Wright said.

But some students didn't seem to mind being out for a few days.

"It's pretty cool cause I get to hang out with my friends," said Collinsville High School Sophomore Jacob Lodigiani.

"It's pretty nice because football practice was pretty fun and we don't have to go to school, so it's all great," senior at Collinsville High School A.J. Harris said.

Classes are expected to resume as usual by Monday.


Ashley Conroy, KTEN