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Local businesses plan ahead for possible flu outbreak


Grayson Co., TX -- With the coming flu season and the heightened awareness of the H1N1 virus, businesses are having to plan ahead of time in the event employees have to miss work.

As of now, school closings could be the main reason for parents having to miss work because they have to stay home and watch their child.

Health officials are advising for employer's and employees to plan ahead in case this happens.

"Encourage businesses throughout Grayson co. to have contingency plans made to allow employee's to work from hom if that's possible," said Amanda Ortez from the Grayson co. health department.

Meanwhile, large corporations like Tyson Foods in Sherman has over 1500 hundred employee's. Working from home at manufacturing plant is not an option . A large flu outbreak could change the way they do business.

"If we were working Monday-Friday and it required we work Saturday also we would have a shift or two on Saturday to pick up for that volume we lost for the absenteeism that occurred," Plant Manager of Tyson Foods, Mike Gerlemn said.

The health department also advises that employer's and employee's stay up to date with the latest information regarding the latest school closings.

Here are list of recommended websites that could help people plan with the family as to what to do if a flu outbreak occurs.

Center's for Disease Control: www.cdc.gov/flu

State of Oklahoma: www.ok.gov

The Texas Education Agency: www.tea.state.tx.us

The Texas Department of State Health Services: www.dshs.state.tx.us


Ashley Conroy, KTEN