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North Texas feeling relief at the pump


Residents are seeing relief at the pumps in North Texas with some prices as low at $2.13.   While Texas is seeing relief, Oklahoma's prices are still at $2.39. 

So what's the driving force behind the lowering prices?  It's demand.  If you've filled up recently in North Texas you have noticed the drop in price.  Brad Douglas of Douglas Distributing says, "Driving season is over so we have less demand and more supply.  That makes the prices go down." 

He also says, gas inventory is at a record high which is good news for North Texans looking to fill their tank. 

While Texas is seeing the most relief, Oklahoma is only seeing a slight decline.  The difference is Oklahoma uses domestic crude oil while Texas uses oil from the Gulf Coast. 

If your looking for relief, fill up now gas prices are expected to rise around Thanksgiving.

Christina Lusby, Reports.