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Schools officials prep for flu season


Denison, TX -- School officials are prepping for the coming flu season and it isn't only the H1N1 virus that has people concerned.

Sloan Creek Middle School in Collin Co. shut it doors on Monday because of an increase in students coming down with the flu.

However, there have been no confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus. School there is expected to resume as usual on Tuesday.

Denison school district says they have plans to try to prevent their doors from closing because of flu outbreak.

"Our cleaning crews while they already do a good job they're being more conscientious at making sure they do an excellent job of cleaning," said Assistant Superintendant George Hatfield of Denison school district.

Hatfield asks if students or teachers come down with the flu, to stay home and get well.

"And we've asked them when they're sick to please stay home and let it run it's course. Get passed the fevor, the cough, and then come back to school," Hatfield said.


Ashley Conroy, KTEN.