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Preparing for Disaster


Texoma is no stranger to bad weather but are you and your business prepared if something were to happen?  

That is the main focus of a new program in Grayson County that is helping businesses and residents prevent disasters by preparing before hand.  They say planning and prevention go hand in hand.

The Grayson County Emergency Management and the Chamber of Commerce launched a session of seminars to help protect residents from losing more than necessary during disasters. They say the average unprepared business will face at least 10 more crises than a business that is prepared. 

83 years was the average life span for a business prepared for an unplanned event.  Businesses that do not prepare only last about 67 years.  When disaster strikes, most unprepared businesses never bounces back.

"1 in 4 businesses do not come back form a disaster they can be anything from a flood like the ones in 2007 to small power outage," says Traci Carlson, President and CEO of the Grayson County Chamber of Commerce. 

These seminars are happening once a month at the Grayson County College at the Center for Workplace Learning.  They are open to the public.  The next seminar is in October, its focus, saving energy, saves you money.

Christina Lusby, Reports.