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Sherman Residents Line Up to Get Flu Shots


Sherman, TX -- Families line up to play it safe this flu season. The Texas Health Department says many of the cases across the state are strains of H1N1 that comes after a Carter County man became the second death to the virus in Oklahoma. And, while  vaccines for H1N1 won't be available until next month. Seasonal flu shots are being offered across Texoma. Deeda Payton reports.

Lines were long at Sory Elementary in Sherman Tuesday afternoon as faculty and families waited to get a flu shot.

The Grayson County Health Department gave out seasonal flu vaccines for 25-dollars.

Most kids said they didn't feel a thing. "No, it just felt like numbness, it didn't really hurt." But, none of them want to get the flu. "I do not want to get sick at all."

That sentiment was shared at Wilson N Jones today. The hospital immunized more than 400 employees today as part of a massive drill to see how fast they could inoculate everyone in case of an emergency. "We have given the seasonal flu shot every year, but this is the first time we have combined it into a disaster drill."

Nurses and doctors rolled up their sleeves to get a prick for patient protection. "It's not too bad usually they jerk up your sleeve, give you a shot and off you go, you'd never notice any difference."

H1N1 vaccinations will be done differently at the hospital. "We will prioritize and give to the most at risk health care personnel first in the areas that are highest risk. For example, women's services, the ER, the ICU, Respiratory Therapy, they will get the vaccine first and as more becomes available everyone else will be immunized."

The seasonal flu shot is available now.  The Swine Flu vaccine should be available by mid-October but will first be given to high-risk groups. Both shots are recommended as it's expected the cases of seasonal flu will increase.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.