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Blockbuster to renovate or close stores


Blockbuster is being forced to rethink its strategy or close up more than 960 stores nationwide.  The stand alone dollar rentals such as Red Box are making it convenient and cheap to bring home your favorite flick.   

In the past, Blockbuster has changed its rental strategy to keep up with Net Flicks by offering a similar mail rental service.  But now, Blockbusters Corporate is making more plans to beat out competitors. 

Corporate says, they do not have a specific list of which stores they will close, instead they are hoping to renovate their under performing locations or change the way they operate. Blockbuster still has patrons, and that's why they are hoping to reorganize and compete with their competitors innovative renting strategies. 

The rental giant is planning to release 2,500 vending machines sporting their logo by years end. By August of next year, they will add another 7,000 nationwide.  They also plan to renovate their unprofitable stores by possibly changing some locations from rental to strictly retail, selling new and previously viewed DVD's. 

By years end if your looking to rent from blockbuster you will have multiple options including renting in store, online, through the mail, stand alone kiosks machines or by a digital delivery download meaning you can download a movie from your computer straight to your television via DVR or Tivo.

No word on if any of the Blockbuster stand alone kiosks will be in our area.  

Christina Lusby, Reporting.