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Dension Chamber: Building Budget to Promote Tourism


DENISON, TX---Despite a tough economy, the city of Denison is predicting an upswing in tourism for the next year.
At tonight's council meeting, city officials are expected to approve a proposal by the chamber to increase their budget. Michelle Gillespie reports.

Last year's tourism budget for the Denison Chamber of Commerce topped out at $158,000 and this year they're asking for a $12,000 increase even though the local economy has yet to rebound. 
"I do have to worry about it, because I don't know how long I can go," says Vijay Patel, owner of the Best Western Hotel off of Highway 75 in Denison.

Patel opened up this new hotel in early April of this year but he says guests are few and far between right now.

"Constantly, everyday, we are working on it and it's been really, really challenging," says Patel.

The tough economy this past year is primarily to blame but Anna McKinney, President of the Denison Chamber of Commerce is hopeful for the new property and others in the Denison area.

"It's just going to take time in a down economy for that business to grow and an awareness of that property," says McKinney.

And with that hope, the Chamber is hoping to bring in $170,000 next year.

"They do want to attract more visitors to come to this area and for that they need more funds to spend," says Patel.

"All funds have to be used in a way to generate more dollars," says McKinney.

That money comes from the 7 percent tax rate on all hotel and motel rooms rented to tourists so it has nothing to do with local taxpayer dollars--meaning if there's a budget shortfall, it's not coming out of the taxpayer's pocket.

"If it really picks up, we could see more, and it's all to promote Denison," says McKinney. 

Of course an increase in visitors and tourists means an increased revenue for the city through things like sales tax. 
McKinney says it's really a win-win situation for Denison.

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.