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24-Hour Emergency Vet


You have access to 24-hour healthcare but what about your pets?  Now, if your pet gets sick there's a 24-hour clinic serving Grayson County and  other surrounding areas. 

It's the first to serve these locations.  Before residents with pet emergencies had to call their vet, get a referral and travel as far as McKinney to get help, now there's emergency care right down the street.

Vets from all over the Grayson County area came together to discuss the idea and after deliberations, 12 vets decided to invest in this 24-hour emergency clinic.  The emergency clinic, only open for a short while now, sees around 100 emergency cases a week.

One owner says, the clinic has exceeded their expectations. 

The clinic is run out of the Best Friends Animal Hospital which can be found at 3301 Woodlawn Boulevard in Denison.  The 12 owners say they put the location decision to a bid and Best Friends won.  Now, each of the owners help Best Friends pay the after hour costs for rent, utilities and salaries to the emergency veterinarians. 

Right now this is the only 24-hour clinic in our area providing services for Grayson, Cook, Fannin and Collin counties.  If you need to make an emergency call, the initial visit will cost you about $85 plus any additional services provided.

Christina Lusby, Reports.