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Rain brings more bugs


   DENISON, TX -- The Texoma area has seen plenty of rain this past week and this means more bugs are out.

   Ants, mole crickets, and mosquitos are the three most common insects to come out during the rain.

   For homeowner's it can be a problem keeping these pesky critters out of the house.

   Mike Kilpatrick, an entomologist for Terminix says ants often come out during the rain to reach higher ground.

"Especially with the weather pattern we're in right now. You can do some proactive work after these torrential rains and get some work done immediately and it will help prevent a lot of entry from these pests inside," Kilpatrick said.

   Some of the things Kilpatrick recommends is making sure mulch near structures is not too thick and resurfacing cracks in your home from areas beginning to settle.

"Sealing up the home finding the access points outside of the home will do a world of good and will prevent insects from coming inside," Kilpatrick said. 

   Kilpatrick adds, "the best thing a homeowner can do is hire a qualified professional for the exterior of the home to create a long term barrier on the outside of repel the ants."